new age



Our walls tremble 
with every wind
and each of the world's 
whispers remind 
of our impermanence 
yet my optimism,
it never fades

each of us, every one
are traveling this upwards trajectory

that has the very same destination

I don't love you 
in spite of your imperfections 
but because of them

each of them, every one
is like a diamond's facet
a certain uniqueness

that leaves

its fingerprint 
on the Universe.

~Eric Vance Walton~

The Greatest of Secrets

You languish, awash in worry
that time is slipping by
and all that once was
has long gone down the road
never to pass your way again

they tell you you’re a sinner
and you remember
when your innocence
wouldn’t allow you to believe
but time and their wicked words
have so deliberately whittled you away

it is they who tell you to keep coming back,
dangling the hope of salvation
just beyond your fervor’s grasp.

But there are a few things
that they have failed to tell you
you are miraculous, you are divinity’s spark
the power of your soul is a sleeping giant, long exiled 

if you only knew the power that you possess
your eyes would stream tears of joy as if awakened
from a terrible nightmare to realize the greatest of secrets,
that you are an emperor in beggar's clothes indeed.

~Eric Vance Walton~

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shiftless moods breed certain fools

who lose their way when darkness falls

wandering souls who’ve lost their way

and fall from grace when duty calls


away they run to foreign lands

that call them so invitingly

to begin the cycle once again

until a problem arises, then they’ll flee


until their woes weigh them down

and begin to slow their tired feet

their heads are buried in their hands

their tired eyes filled with deceit


for all their lives they’ve been a fugitive

running from an awful ghost

this apparition that dwells inside them

they are almost sure to boast


is the source of all they’re problems

all their ills and woes

but they are not caused by this apparition

but by a far greater foe


this beast that dwells inside them

and their soul, he’s surely bought

this fierce and ugly beast

is none other than negative thought


All That Really Matters

a perpetual stranger

traveling down 

this dark and narrow, twisted trip

of blissful contradiction 

with heart wide open


absorbing all this life 

has to give while

wandering the razor's edge

in peace and harmony


ever so thankful

for wounds that sting 

and the laughter that heals


in all these many years

I've never lost faith

that each step

brings us closer 

to that place of perfect completeness


where we wake up in wisdom

to cast all aside

all of our favorite demons

and finally realize

that love is all that really matters.


how lucid is your soul tonightas guards are put to rest? When not one is stirring ‘round you and the sun is setting west,

your true being is emerging as facades yield one by one as you long to merge with oneness and to greet the golden sun,

free from inhibitions imposed by the mind you call your own freedom from the past mistakes that haunts your Earthly home,

cross-legged, in the lotus you begin to clear your wearied mind wishing for a sliver of a moment to leave the struggle far behind

your pulse begins to slow as the void becomes your breath your heart begins to soothe you ever-beating in your chest,

dancing somewhere in the stillness breaking shadows far and near where a worry’s no longer a worry and a tear is not a tear,

a wave is all consuming a bright beam breaks clouds above you reach your precious goal and for a moment become Love.