All the world is a library, each person a book.
— Eric Vance Walton


Alarm Clock Dawn, Eric's debut novel, was the book that truly launched his career as an author. The idea for the story came to him in 2004 but it took another nine years before the first draft was done. The novel revolves around a society so blinded by greed and so enamored by technology that nothing else matters. Alarm Clock Dawn deals not only with the catastrophic environmental impact of this unbalanced society but also the heavy psychological price of regret. The protagonist, Adam Harkin, finds himself in a race against time to find a way to save himself and his people before the planet is pillaged and polluted so severely that can it no longer support life. 

Truth Is Stranger is the much anticipated second novel of the Alarm Clock Dawn trilogy and will be published in late 2016.  The third and final novel in the Alarm Clock Dawn trilogy, Dream No More will be published the following year. 


Eric's much anticipated book on meditation, "The Perfect Pause: Meditating Your Way to the Optimal You" will be available in paperback and eBook format this Fall.