A Different World

It's day four of my stay-cation. Each day new layers of stress are shed. As I was out and about I noticed a few things today. The obvious was I was way more relaxed, almost completely decompressed.  I was breathing more deeply, noticing the nature around me and my creativity is off the charts.  Another thing became glaringly apparent to me.... during the weekdays, especially between the hours of 9AM and 2PM, it's a completely different world. 

What a world it is. If you are out in public between 9AM and 2PM from Monday through Friday and you're not a senior citizen or a stay at home mom or dad with small children you're in the minority. The world is softer and a little more kind between these hours. People aren't as stressed out, rushing against the clock, beeping and flipping the bird in traffic. This resembles the world from my childhood in the 1970's and here all this time I thought it went extinct! 

Alas, my days in this sweet foreign land are growing painfully short. I only have three days left before I'm thrown back into the madness of the work-a-day world for who knows how long. I think everyone should take a week off every year to do absolutely nothing. A week away from the rat race has provided me with just the right amount of time to reveal how out of balance modern life is and I'm not quite sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.