I've watched you 
through these years 
give yourself away

It happened slowly,
nearly unnoticed
like a slight faucet drip
with every forced smile
you handed away small
pieces of yourself 

I wonder if 
you felt 
it was a worthy 

sometimes still 
I search you
for that lost spark 
of what once was

I can't help but
when your eyes 
held hope and dreams 
instead of the scathing
sadness of regret.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Song Bird

Your voiceCasts a certain Enchantment Blowing Into the corners Of our minds Like an Indelible wisp

It's a Song that Sparks a silly grin Casting out Our blues And making Us, if only for a Moment, forget The weary miles Walked in Our shoes, Life Is new

It's true As long As we Carry your Sweet song In our hearts The world is A finer place, bone china And delicate lace, cups always brimming With the Rarest tea.

Leave us lifted With each note to savor, Every phrase Is a savior That will whisk Mundane Worries away.

~Eric Vance Walton~

This poem is dedicated to Stacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson.

Anything More Is Gravy

It grew me right upThis blessing, this curse This thing that compelled me To become a reluctant deity Contriving a world and all that Gives it breath

Once the ambrosia of creation Brushes against your lips You rely on its complexity to complete you

this monkey that clings so desperately to my back screeching its words of wisdom Gleaned from lifetimes Of living in this harsh world

To have nothing more than that, would be enough a stone cold faith in these words and that they have somehow changed me, grew me right up Anything more is gravy.