Rush Hour Train


Happiness is an empty rush hour train only the scent of the past remains and stains of a crushed Cheeto on a vacant seat, a crumpled can of pop and graffiti covered shops that rush by, unbroken

Happiness is an empty rush hour train a subtle sway to hush the pain as life's maelstrom briefly slows its swirl the fringes of my soul begin an upward curl, a smile

Muse strikes, a welcome distraction from mortality pulls me back from the edge of never to maybe...just wait and see please save me from obscurity

Happiness is an empty rush hour train the pause I prayed for spared me again from being life's prey sweet Muse diffuses the illusion, and I return to the conclusion that I spell out the meaning of my existence, one word at a time.

~Eric Vance Walton~

A Grand Resurrection

When I wasjust a young man liked things shiny and new,

as the years have gone by I have grown to appreciate a speckle of rust, a layer of dust, a mottled patina

the middle aged me has a certain penchant not for pretty things but rather things that have been cast aside as useless and obsolete, tired things huddled in a corner feeling like they've lived a hundred lives, maybe because I do too?

oftentimes all it takes is a little attention to spark a grand resurrection

You see, I've found these things, they are so eager to tell their stories and continue their breath of life inhale tarnished, exhale cleansed

I seek out and smile at the perfectly imperfect and bask in their greatness of character I don't mind that they've lived a hundred lives, for in my heart they are reborn and in a way, so am I.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Vintage Raleigh Bike

Too Simple To See

Time is cruelin that there are not enough minutes in a lifetime to learn all there is to know

the best of our years are spent sifting through the bullshit, the fluff, the liars, and the takers until one great day our hearts reveal to us what it is that truly matters

even if our eyes witness the truth of only one sunset there would be immeasurable worth in all of the struggle and pain

there is such beauty in this world if only it weren't too simple to see.

~Eric Vance Walton~


Put a buzz on my brainlike some whimsical whisper barely audible yet so beguiling that it takes me away, tipping my world ever so slightly...vertigo

when I regain my balance I am never quite the same, my psyche, slightly altered, We may fall but never falter destinies intertwined, it's true

traveling through this string of simple moments our souls speak to us if we only step aside, as this world turns, we learn in times of blessed vertigo.

~Eric Vance Walton~

Wander Lost

When the routines of lifeshroud my peace and cause me to wander lost

I long to be a small fish in a big pond,

to lose myself in the bright spot of the next road’s vanishing and to be born again in foreign eyes

I then awaken in remembrance that happiness isn’t meant to be rationed out like thin grey gruel

each day's dawn is a sweet symphony and as long as I hear the music my dreams will have to die another day.

~Eric Vance Walton~

The Edge

this lonely road unfolds you,quells the guilt that scolds you and dulls the fear that holds you in the place you stand today

then the veil is slowly lifted, and wicked lies are sifted once muddled thoughts seem gifted what is there left to find?

once precious ties are severed true an epiphany, you forever knew you no longer worry what you'd do....if the moment's come and gone

so beautiful, this existence when pure truth spans the distance a call that makes Maya whence echoes from heart and mind

until now you’ve failed to see that you're everything you need to be won't you close your eyes and walk with me out to the very edge.