A Novel Approach

It's been just a little over a month since Alarm Clock Dawn was published and it's been an interesting and enlightening journey so far. Even after having self-published five books previously I underestimated the amount of work involved in the marketing of a project of this magnitude.

So far the novel has gotten a couple favorable reviews, it's in a brick and mortar bookstore and continues to climb in the Amazon.com sales ranking. However, the work is far from over. A lull in sales typically happens shortly after the book launch and you must be creative in how you keep the momentum going. I'm convinced that social media has been, and will continue to be, this book's saving grace. I'm so thankful for this technology that, when used properly, can give self-published authors more of an chance for success.  

The sequel to Alarm Clock Dawn, entitled Dream No More is currently in the works. I'm so excited to share this book with the world.

Thank you for reading and supporting independent publishing!