Things I've Learned From Puerto Rico

1. The weather doesn't get any nicer than this.2. The people are standoffish at first but warm up quickly. 3. There seems to be a real "Love/Hate" undercurrent in their relationship with the US. 4. The music is loud. 5. They eat lots of meat. "Vegetables" usually consist of either a root vegetable or shredded iceberg lettuce with sliced tomato. 6. Driving is aggressive but people are not as heavy on the horns as most US cities. 7. Coffee is served with milk, almost never black. 8. Life is less orderly and lived at a much slower pace. After coming from mainland America it took a solid 3 days of varying degrees of frustration to get used to it. Now that I am I'm much happier for it. 9. My priorities will be re shifted with less of an emphasis placed on things. 10. I love being immersed in foreign places, learning subtleties of the culture. 11. I'll be back.