Looking Back at 39

Here at the glint

of my dream's unfolding

Placing the final pieces so deliberately

As this time I want to 

experience the full crescendo  

And savor the fruits of my labor

With those whom I love.  


Life thus far has been magnificent

the greatest of fears, slain

Wisdom gleaned from 

attuning to the hush of nothingness,

a Peace of stillness near


to me it has been proven many a time

That this Universe is a place 

of both infinite miracles and tough love

ever ready to take us into its arms 

and guide us, dutifully like a child 

through the audacity of our sorrows

to stand reborn

in the untouched light of a new day


This year I have learned

not to despair 

for not getting everything

I want

But to rejoice in the fact that I’m 

receiving exactly what

I need.