SNL - Is There Hope?

I remember watching SNL as a child in the seventies. It was cutting edge, current. Now, when I have enough courage to tune in, I wince every since time at how bad it is. For the sake of nostalgia, I'll watch ten, maybe fifteen minutes longer than I'd want to but it never gets better.

I have two weeks until I have to start the rewrite of my novel after the editing is done. In the next two weeks I'm going to draft a few skits to send into the show. Probably a couple times per month my wife and I are driving along in the car or going for a walk and something sparks an idea for a spoof of a commercial or some other humorous skit. Believe me, the world provides plenty of material for this.

Just on our walk around the neighborhood lake alone we've come to know a cast of characters who entertain us every night. Just a small sampling of the cast of characters is as follows:

1. The Angry Jogger. A man who appears to be in his fifties and is wound way too tight. He has literally cursed me out, without ever turning around, for not getting out of this way;

2. The Poop Patrol. An elderly gentleman who rides his bike around the lake, keeping a watchful eye to make sure dog walkers pick up after their animals. If, God forbid, he sees a spare turd and you happen to have a bag in your hand he will ask you to pick up said turd. He's done this to us.; and

3. The Monkey Man. A man who walks around the lake with a real live monkey on his shoulder (I'm serious). The man gets his hair cut to mimic the monkey's hair (again, I'm serious), a close cropped flat top. Real Twilight Zone stuff here folks.

This will be a fun project. If nothing else, we can use the material for another project at a later date.