Native Sun

I am four generations removed 
from a world unrecognizable, 
a world without walls, 
truth of word and of law 
but ultimately just another domino 
to fall in the name of progress 

Imagination can only give a glimpse 
But the seed of memory is strong in me 
Often bubbling up as effervescent 
Wisdom whispering in my thoughts 

The forest is where I come to worship 
its great canopy, my cathedral 
branches gently swaying in the breeze 
to the melody of birdsong, its beautiful choir 
I connect with Nature in all her majesty, 
the supreme intelligence behind it 
gives order to the chaos 
again grounds and humbles me 
leaving everything right again 

just a brief respite from our unbalanced existence 
but it helps to quell the sadness of the sorry state we’re in 
then the Native Sun tells me to open my eyes 
and see that humanity is finally beginning 
To awaken from a slumber long huddled in Cimmerian shade 

Our family is being remade before our very eyes 
And the children of new world are an amalgam 
much stronger than the first, 
now a harmony unimaginable can be visualized 
shimmering in the not so distant twilight, and felt flowing towards our shores 
Truth and destiny cannot forever be hushed 

And to the Native Sun I whisper back, “please hurry”.