This life is like a free falling dream in which time is the only gravity.
— Eric Vance Walton


I discovered the power of meditation in my early twenties when it helped me to heal from debilitating anxiety and depression.  At my worst, it was a daily struggle to leave the house for fear of panic attacks.  After a few months of dedicated practice, meditation began to literally heal me from the inside out.  The experience made me a believer. 

After taking a three year course in advanced meditation I spent the following two decades honing my practice. My meditation book, The Perfect Pause was published in 2009 as an introduction to this life changing practice. The book is currently being revised and will be rereleased as a paperback and eBook in the summer of 2016.

I led my first large group meditation class in 2011 and it proved to be as transformative for me as the practice itself. I now teach meditation on a weekly basis in the Twin Cities area.

Soon I'll be expanding my sessions to include private meditation sessions via FaceTime and Skype. I will also visit your organization to lead sessions of up to 100 participants basic meditation techniques to greatly reduce stress, improve general well-being, mood, and enhance employee performance.  

My ultimate goal is to eventually create a foundation that will introduce meditation into public school curriculum.

Email me at: for more information, please include, "Meditation" in the email subject line.